Why become a SERV3R.NET affiliate?

We offer one of the best VPS and Dedicated Server affiliate programs on the web.


20% lifetime commissions

With a lifetime commission rate of 20% for each client you refer, the Serv3r.net affiliate program stands out from the competition.


Reward levels

To encourage and motivate you, we have reward tiers ranging from a $25 CAD Amazon gift card for your first $100 CAD in commissions earned to a $250 CAD bonus for your first $1,000 CAD in commissions earned.


Monthly targets

We also have monthly goals, again with bonuses based on your performance. Make 10 new sales in a month to get an extra $100 CAD.


30-day payment terms

We know how important it is for affiliates to get paid quickly, which is why we have a low 30-day payment term. For example, if you make a sale on July 15th, the money will be available and ready to send on August 15th if you've reached the payout threshold.


100 CAD payment threshold

Once you've reached CAD$100 in your affiliate account, you can request payment via PayPal or Interac (for Canadians).


90-Day Cookie Tracking

We know as well as you do that most customers don't buy a product or service on their first visit. That's why if one of your visitors returns to Serv3r.net within 90 days and makes a purchase, that purchase and any future orders/renewals will be attributed to you.

WHO is this Affiliate Program for?

We’ve made this program for everyone, but we think it will be particularly useful for the following professionals:



Referring your clients is a great way to passively earn money if you don't have the time, staff, or expertise to offer dedicated servers or VPSs to your clients who need them.



Refer your visitors with an article or banner on your blog/site. In addition to offering a server host with its own equipment and attentive support, you'll be able to monetize your platform.


Media buyer

Thanks to our high commission rate, bonuses, low payment threshold/term and the revshare (% for life) aspect of our program, Serv3r.net is a good partner for your media buying campaigns.

SERV3R.NET Affiliate Program Rules and Regulations

Here are a few rules to help you get along with us.

  • Sending an invoice for payment is mandatory.
  • Multi-accounts do not have access to cash or gift card bonuses. Only the first of the different accounts will be entitled to bonuses.
  • If the customer gets a refund with the money back guarantee, makes a chargeback or does not respect the terms of use within the first 30 days, the affiliate will not get paid for that sale.

Some TIPS to help you get started

Think about what you can do right now. Do you have a colleague or friend with a project who needs a VPS or dedicated server? Do you have a social network account or blog with a niche whose visitors might be interested in Serv3r.net products? Do you have a company whose customers would be interested in Serv3r.net? Tell them about us and our benefits. Give them your affiliate link to be rewarded for your referral.

SYMPATHIC Account Manager

At Serv3r.net, we have an affiliate manager who cares about your success. Don’t hesitate to contact him: simon@serv3r.net

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