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Flexible, scalable database hosting solutions

Databases are at the heart of all business activities, so they must function optimally, be protected against intrusions, and comply with security requirements. Serv3r.net offers dedicated database hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, providing fast, secure data storage and retrieval.

Five ways Serv3r.net is transforming the database experience

High-performance servers

Modern database software is designed to store and retrieve data quickly, but this is not enough to guarantee optimum performance. The database software may not function efficiently without a suitable server and cause slowdowns. This means slower applications, longer data processing times and increased latency for crucial business operations.

Serv3r.net offers dedicated database hosting with optimum performance. With the latest Xeon processors, RAM, high-performance SSDs and NvME disks, we select every component and ensure that hardware does not slow down your database.

A network you can count on

Network quality is crucial for database hosting. Poor network performance leads to slow applications and disruption for database-dependent businesses.

We use redundant connections with leading bandwidth providers to build our network, and each server is equipped with a dedicated connection of at least 1Gb/s, with 10Gb/s connection options available. This guarantees a reliable network infrastructure for all your database hosting needs.

Data security and confidentiality

Secure database hosting is essential to protect your sensitive customer data and business information. As consumers become increasingly aware of the risks associated with data confidentiality, it’s essential to choose a hosting solution that guarantees the security of your data.

At Serv3r.net, we protect your database from physical and environmental threats by monitoring servers 24/7 with on-site security guards and using fire suppression technologies.

Scalable and flexible

With data needs and demands increasing every year, it’s crucial to have a database hosting solution that can grow your business.

Serv3r.net is a reliable partner who can customize the server and network infrastructure to your specifications. This lets you quickly add resources to your dedicated servers as data demand increases. If you have customized server requirements or a unique network configuration, we can work with you to create a solution tailored to your business.

Compatible with all applications

We believe that your choice of database software shouldn’t be limited by your server, which is why our database hosting supports a wide variety of databases, including popular relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database, NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB, as well as specialized document storage databases like Riak and ElasticSearch. We support all database software running under Microsoft Windows or Linux.

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