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Fast, high-performance servers for online stores

Enhance the speed and performance of your online store with a hosting solution that enables you to deliver an ultra-fast user experience while protecting your customers’ sensitive data.

Serv3r.net offers a dedicated server solution for online retailers that adapts to the growth of your business. Our servers deliver smooth shopping experiences and optimized network connections for low-latency performance on the busiest shopping days.


Three ways Serv3r.net is transforming the online store hosting experience

A successful customer experience

The key to a successful online shopping experience is the speed of the pages delivered to your customers. Not only do customers demand it, but it also has an impact on SEO. For this reason, we have designed our global network to maintain low latency. Each server has a network interface of 1 Gb/s or more, capable of transferring large amounts of data rapidly. We use several redundant premium bandwidth providers to guarantee continuity of service in the event of a problem.

Data security and confidentiality

Servers for online stores are often targeted by cybercriminals due to the sensitive customer data stored on them, making network attacks and ransomware exploits commonplace. To reduce security risks, at Serv3r.net, hosting for online businesses is an effective and secure solution. Our data centers comply with industry standards for security and data protection, including PCI DSS, SSAE16 Type II and SAS70 Type II.

Customized support

Is there a problem? Do you have a question about a service or product? Call us or send us an e-mail. At Serv3r.net, you're not a number. The technician who answers your questions already knows your business and your needs.

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